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In 2000, Pilates in Mississauga was given a boost when The Pilates Body Studio opened it’s doors. The studio offers personal training and group classes for clients and also has the privilege of training Pilates students that have gone on to teach at Life Time Fitness, Ontario Racquet Club, White Oaks Resort and Spa & many other private and community facilities.

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Our Instructors

Connie Ierullo






Connie Ierullo is the Director and Co-Owner of The Pilates Body. The studio is the realization of her commitment to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and of her love of movement education.

Becoming a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor under the guidance of Moira Merrithew was a natural evolution after graduation from the Dance program at York University. In 1997, Connie became one of the first STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainers and has been privileged to certify instructors throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and Brazil. In 2000, she opened the first fully equipped Pilates studio in Mississauga with husband and business partner Bruno Ierullo. The Pilates Body studio has the honour of being a STOTT PILATES LICENSED TRAINING CENTRE and is host to clients and certification students from all over the world.

Connie’s teaching experience has been enriched by her continuous participation in workshops relating to Pilates, movement education, and fitness. Her goal is to share her love of movement with clients and students alike.

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”
-Moshe Feldenkrais

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Elyse Koshowski






Elyse began her Pilate’s journey when she was recommended to take classes to help with her scoliosis. She went on to work at The Pilates Body Studio to help manage the facility having been educated with honors in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her interest in health and fitness lead her to enhance and further her education and expand her direction in her vocation.

Elyse is a Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Injuries and Special Populations with training on the Cadillac & Stability Chair.  She is also a Certified ZEN•GA™ Mat and Certified Total Barre™ Instructor.

She enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities, helping them reach their personal fitness related goals. Elyse has a true passion for helping people with specific needs and injuries and trains clients with MS, Scoliosis and hip replacements.

With her caring, upbeat personality and attention to detail, her love for Pilates shows through each individual session helping clients improve alignment and body awareness.

Elyse continues to manage the studio and enjoys both aspects, however her true passion is working with clients in whichever capacity.

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Donna Collini



Donna Collini has taught fitness classes for the past 20 years, specializing in corporate fitness. She has certifications in American Council on Exercise (ACE), CAN.FIT.PRO Personal Trainer Specialist, and Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance (CALA), as well as working with special populations and seniors in water therapy. She holds STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in Matwork and Reformer and trained on the Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.  Donna applies her past experience working in a rehabilitation studio with the Somatic Movement technique to her teaching.  She has completed The Cabot Trail Relay Race in 2006 and is training for the 2008 in May.

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May Pao

May Pao

May has had a lifelong interest in health and fitness. Originally from the financial services sector, she fully appreciates the aches and pains of her clients who sit at a desk all day! She holds STOTT PILATES® Full Certification in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barrells, and Injury and Special Populations, and has been helping clients to achieve their fitness goals since 2005. May is a certified TRX Suspension training instructor which compliments her Pilates training. She is also trained in Stretch Therapy by the Australian National Association of Stretch Therapists (NAST), which includes specialization in Posture and Flexibility Stretching, using the Contract-Relax, and Partner-assisted techniques. May continues to be a Pilates student, expanding her knowledge and training in this field and other disciplines.

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Our Studio

The Pilates Body Studio opened its doors on November 4th, 2000, the result of the combined effort of Connie Ierullo and her husband Bruno.  Their insistence on providing a high level of customer service, fully certified instructors and professional equipment quickly helped them gain a place of prominence in the industry.

To build on their success, The Pilates Body introduced STOTT PILATES Instructor Training in 2002.  To date, the studio has trained over 250 fitness professionals in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels to name but a few.  Graduates have gone on to open their own studio’s, teach privately from home or work within a fitness facility.

Even before launching this venture, Connie and Bruno agreed they wanted to create a place where clients & staff felt comfortable and welcome.   This initial mandate continues to be the guiding principle by which the studio is measured

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Our Equipment

The Pilates Body Studio endeavors to provide the complete Pilates experience.  Thus, the studio is fully equipped with the most modern and extensive ensemble of Pilates equipment.  This includes the V2 Max Plus™ Reformers, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, BOSU, Foam Rollers™, Toning Balls™, Fitness Circles®, Flex-Bands® and Stability Balls™.  Our Certified Instructors are fully trained to assist clients achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

To stay at the forefront of the industry, The Pilates Body Studio made a significant investment in the summer of 2007 replacing 4 of their Reformers with new V2 Max Plus Reformer.  These Reformers transcend traditional Pilates equipment offering restriction-free movement and limitless programming possibilities.  The V2 Max Plus acts as an all-in-one system, multi-tasking as a Mat, Reformer and Cadillac.  They can deliver more than 450 exercises.

The new Reformers are guaranteed to keep you challenged and motivated.  They will be available for your use during private sessions and group classes.

V2 Max Plus

Cadillac Chair
Barrels Fitness circle and flex band Stability ball

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Our Commitment

Connie and her staff are committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals in a professional and supportive environment. 

  • We will ensure your instructors are certified by the highest standards in the Pilates industry.
  • The equipment you use will be the best quality available in the Pilates market.
  • You will be challenged and you will improve your level of fitness
  • Your experience will be enjoyable
  • We will always be considerate of your needs

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" I just wanted to let you know how much I love taking the Pilates classes at your studio. The instructors are very articulate in their direction of the exercises and the transition from one exercise to the next is flawless. The one hour classes just fly by. I am never bored and I always feel that much stronger after each class. I also like that the classes are limited to how many people attend, as the instructors are more in tune with each student and their progress.

I only started Pilates for the first time back in August 2007, when my friend and I started with the beginner's mat classes. Once your September schedule came out, I just had to sign up for more, and since Labour Day weekend, I have been attending 2 classes a week. Come January, I will be signing up for 3 classes a week, as I am positively "addicted" to it.

My posture has improved quite dramatically and after each class I am that much more aware of how I stand, walk and sit (especially in the car and in front of the computer). My whole body feels tighter and stronger. Since August, I have dropped a pant size and I find my clothes fit better.

I have tried many different ways of getting and staying fit (personal trainers, dance classes, weights and cardio, etc.), but Pilates has changed my whole outlook on fitness, and I must say, Pilates is the best fit for me and I absolutely love it!

Keep up the great work!!" - Eeva Hopley

"I have completed my STOTT PILATES certification courses through The Pilates Body and I have been completely impressed with their exceptional instruction. Laurie McCamus, Kinesiologist.

As A 60+ active commercial design consultant, I manage to stay on top of my game with a balance of healthy choices such as The Pilates Body studio, whose instructors bring about the best results in a highly professional environment." - Carole Laramie

"As a physiotherapist I have high expectations when it comes to education pertaining to human anatomy and body mechanics. I recently took the Intensive Mat-Plus and Reformer Certification Courses through The Pilates Body and found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable of human movement and exercise design. Connie and her staff are professional and approachable. The staff at the studio are focused on your success and make themselves readily available to answer questions and provide additional support. My experience has been very positive and I can confidently recommend this studio for education and high quality STOTT PILATES instruction." - Karen Tausendfreund, Physiotherapist

"Connie and Bruno: I am very happy with my experience at your studio and I was really enjoying the mat classes until I broke my wrist. Since, I have had private lessons and I have found my instructors to be knowledgeable in finding ways to work with my injury while still targeting all areas. I also find the instructors and staff to be sincere in caring about my health and well being, which makes me feel good about going. I cannot think of anything that would need improvement. Thank you" - Linda Bryant

“Going to The Pilates Body studio has made a fantastic difference to my life! Not only do the skilled instructors help to strengthen my body, but everyone is so warm and friendly! I look forward to my Pilates classes every week.” - Antonio Bunicci

"My Doctor recommended Pilates Body to rehabilitate a 20 year old injury and chronic pain condition. No one could have been more surprised by the results than I. From the first meeting the staff were welcoming, caring and professional. Working with experts like Connie to overcome my injury, I have taken back control of my body and my life. The Pilates Body training has given me an outstanding body awareness, and there are so many fantastic workouts to choose from you're sure to find one that suits you. I've worked out all my life and I have never had as much fun staying fit as I have with the instructors at The Pilates Body. Thanks! "
-Kim Layne

“I have been a client at The Pilates Body for over six years and I am completely hooked!"

"It is a pleasure to attend classes in such a bright, airy studio with state-of-the-art equipment that provides such a wide variety of exercises that it never gets old or boring."

" All of the instructors are fantastic - they are positive, fun and incredibly knowledgeable. With their guidance and encouragement, I have watched my body become stronger, longer and leaner. Pilates has strengthened my core and increased definition and tone in my body, as well as improved my overall posture, alignment and flexibility. Best of all, I have the perky firm butt I have always dreamed of!"

"With its friendly, relaxed atmosphere and sense of camaraderie among clients and instructors, The Pilates Body is more than just an exercise studio ... its family.”- Joanne Heaney

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